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How Do You Deal with Young Kids and Long Flights?

Coloring books, activity books, snacks that they like do not depend on the airline to have something that they will like. Reading books, or books on audio ...

Credit Card Trouble

But the class, the books, the audio CD's, everything has been so inspirational to them and they have a monthly budget that they stick to religously. ...

Content Appropriate Books for Mature 5 Year Old

They also have them as audio books and we've listened to them on long trips rather than watching a DVD. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...

Keeping a 7Yr Old Busy on a 10 Hour Trip

Sep 3, 2009 ... My 7 year old loves to listen to books on CD for long car trips These ... The Pirate Adventures In Odyssey and any Audio Books I have also ...

What to Get My 16 Year Old for Her Road Trip

Audio books are awesome! Some people get motion sickness reading in the car ( like me - LOL)!! I like to listen to books on tapes or cd's and libraries have ...

How Do I Keep My Kids Busy in the Car? (878Miles)

audio books/dvds. some regular reading books stuff from the dollar tree that they do not get until we are in the van. Finger pupets, a new book, ...

Digital Scrapbooking

I liked the idea of being able to add my own backgrounds and Audio/Visual to the book. However, I'm just not loving the product. (Plus there email helpline ...

Mental Meltdown in Progress

Sep 30, 2009 ... --Audio books. I love the comment someone made about NPR. Often when I am nursing a little baby down at night, I will listen to a book on CD ...

Feeling Rundown

Sep 6, 2009 ... Creative Zen It holds movies but I really get it for the audio books I buy them through Audiblecom I love this thing I download books as ...
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