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Need Book Suggestions for Kindergarten-age Girl

There are of course hundreds of great books out there, but all of these picture books invite kids again and again to go through their pages. ...

Growing Kids God's Way Concern

Oct 1, 2009 ... It takes parents to raise kids. Using books are okay but a parent's instinct is still the best thing. I did not use any silly methods. ...

Chapter Books

I thought I would get your opinions on great books, or series, for kids who are just beginning to read chapter books. My daughter is in first grade..."

Good Books for 5- and 10-Year-olds

Read all 12 responses: "Hi, I was looking for suggestions on good books to ... III just came out... and the kids love them all. they are a lot of fun. for ...

What to Do When My Kids Won't Nap Anymore

However, some days 1 or 2 kids won't nap. It's still "QUIET TIME", they don't have to nap, but they need to be quiet and watch the movie or read books, ...

Favorite Books

My kids loved Maisy books at that age. Bright colors. Easy to memorize text. The TV version is on Noggin. It's in 20 min. segements so it's not too much at ...

Birthday Gift for 6 Year Old Boy

My MIL has a great formula for the kids' book, one toy and an article of clothing. You could easily do this for <$40. She tries to have them tie ...

Seeking Books/advice Dealing with Perfectionism in Children

Read all 6 responses: "My 10 year old daughter is driving us crazy with her perfectionism and low tolerance level when she doesn't understand something ...

Entertaining Kids on Long Car Trip

It helps to have brand new toys that the kids have never played with before such as a brand new coloring book and brand new box of crayons or a brand new ...

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for My Daycare kids...Can Anyone Help

I say get the kids books it's a great gift educational and wont get thrown in a corner or tossed out Otherwise for 5bucks you cant get anything but junk You ...
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