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Bump Remains on Son's Collar Bone After Being Hit with Baseball

My son got a broken collar bone as he was being born, and the bump on it is still ... Your son may have a "bone bruise". They can take longer to heal than ...

Swollen Lymph Node

Usually I do not get too freaked out about bumps/bruises and medical stuff ... I remember one day my dad was tickling her and he noticed this tiny lump in ... her right side about halfway between her jaw bone and the base of her neck. ...

20 Month Old Fell on Her Head

Oct 12, 2009 ... like a bad mum for the normal bumps, bruises, and cuts of childhood. ... circular part of of the bone breaks inward toward the brain -and ... When my first fell out of the stroller and got a goose egg bump we went to the ER. ... there is NO bump that is a bad sign..someting about things going IN ...

Anyone Else Had a Toddler in a Cast??

However, in the case that she did bump her head, you would never want to give any ... She never cried or had bruising/swelling - just wouldn't hold my finger as she was ... My daughter has a bone disease so cast care is my specialty. ...

How to handle multiple fractures in toddler?

Said that maybe it was sprained or bruised. He wouldn't walk for 4 days then .... like she hurt her arm but the ER was more concerned about the bump on her head. ... It was a buckle fracture, where the bone bends and splits like a green ...

Recovering from a Csection

... be concerned with the lump and redness this could be a sign of infection .... numb around the cut and down to the pelvic bone For along time I couldnt ...

How to Relieve Pelvic Pain?

It feels really sore, like it's bruised. I seem to remember the same thing with .... with my second baby and it turned out that my pelvic bone had seperated( broke). ... of your bump and around your back and this releives the pressure. ...

2 Yr Old Suddenly Can't Walk

There is no swelling, bruising, checked for glass, slivers, she can move it .... My daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at 23 months, and she had bone pain as .... My son had trouble walking a couple months ago - limping, bumping into ...

My 15 Yr Old Daughter Hurts to Much for Nothing to Be Wrong.

Very important for bone/muscle/immunity. Most, about 85% of Americans are severely ..... If I remember correctly, the lump on the spine was one of the dead give aways. ... I also bruise very easy, and the bruises are very painful. ...
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