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What Have You Experienced with the Natural Family Planning Method?

I used my basal body temp to GET pregnant or plan accordingly, ... I use the Billings Ovulation Method that tracks cervical mucus and not my temperature. ...

Having Trouble Getting Pregnant

I know many women with PCOS do not ovulate. Have you tried using the ... I technically don't have PCOS, but my body does the same thing only ... There are no pills, no temperature taking, it's not "the rythm method" as many think. ...

Have You Heard of Clomid??

You could chart your temperature - your temp rises when you're about to ... so my body was releasing more in order to get my ovaries to mature and release an egg. ... Clomid was a good choice to help because it stimulates ovulation. ...

Trying to Have a Baby Girl!

... know of one if you need a number) they can also help you balance your body. ... I had trouble charting with my temp because I was jumping out of bed to get ... We just wanted another child and we just used the ovulation kit and had ...

What Other Medications Did Your Doctor Prescribe Along with Clomid?

The B6 and vitex fruit stimulates your reproductive organs and causes you to ovulate. It worked GREAT for me! I kept up with my BBT chart (Basil Body Temp. ...

Experiences with YAZ

I do not need it for birth control but am using it for ovulation pains and mood ... taking the Yaz and start on an herbal regime and do a full body cleanse. ...

Natural Family Planning

I know somethings you have to do is keep track of your cycle also , body temp around the time your ovulating will I think go up, and the consistency of your ...

Any Moms Out There Who Conceived a Baby in Their "MID" 40S..???

If I didn't ovulate that cycle, I knew. It really took a lot of stress and anxiety out .... reasoning that reducing stress would help regulate systems in my body. ... I took my basal temperature daily to chart my pattern of ovulation. ...

How Long Did It Take for You to Get Pregnant?

I just recently purchased a ovulation test kit to see if that will help. .... but if you're really dedicated I think using the basal body temp method is ...

Advice on Birth Control Methods

The basal body temp. taking was always an issue for me since you need to lay perfectly ... I googled a ovulation calculator, it goes by your last period. ...
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