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My 4 Year Old Has Baby Fine Tangly Hair and a Very Tender Head. HELP!

A boar bristle brush will work wonders. You can get them at Sally's Beauty Supply for around $10. When using them, it takes a little longer to brush through ...

Cradle Cap

I'd also suggest going to a beauty supply store and getting a baby/kid brush with boar bristles. Brush hair two to three times a day. Hope this helps! ...

Hair Care for an Active 3 Year Old

Also, I've found that using a regular bristle (boar bristle?) brush allows me to brush out her hair even when it's tangled and dry, but be patient. ...

How to Get Vaseline Out of Hair

I would suggest that you buy a natural boar bristle brush (WHOLE FOODS) and gently brush it out while wiping the vaseline off the brush with a towel. ...

I Need Help with My Daughter's Hair - Its Always Tangled and Matted!

Round boar bristle brush. - Flat brush (if you have longer hair cuts the time in half, but it's difficult to describe so I'm not going to here). Products: ...

Blow Dryer and Hair Straightener

Sep 4, 2009 ... When you're straightening your hair with a hair dryer, make sure you have a boar -bristle (or imitation boar-bristle) round brush. ...

Seeking Help to Manage Curly Hair on a Toddler.

To smooth hair into a style(pony tails, pig tails)you should use a boar bristle brush because it causes less breakage. Good Luck. Hope this helps! ...

Hair Detangler!!

I reccommend a boar bristle brush. I got mine from Sally's, it's white, oval shaped head and has natural boar bristles. Even though I have REALLY thick hair ...

I Need Help with My Daughter's Curly Hair

I don't recommend a thick brush, like boar bristle style. A couple braids over the head with the loose curls at the end are always cute. Good luck. ...

Daughters Curly Hair....

A.E. asks from San Antonio

My daughter has beautiful curly hair and I have no idea what to do with it. Since I don't have curly hair I don't know how to brush it. We have bought the Johnson's c...

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