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Blue, Purple Feet in My 7 Month Old Son Please Help ASAP

B.L. asks from Cleveland

over the past couple of week we have began to really notice that my sons feet are constantly purple or blue. they are always freezing. his hands have start to become ...


My Feet Are Killing Me!!

C.D. asks from Waterloo

When I was pregnant with my son, I had occasional pain in my feet and ankles. Now that I have had another kid, my heels and pads of my feet have constant sharp pains ...


Swollen Ankles Are an Understatement

C.E. asks from Provo

i thought swollen ankles/feet were just uncomfortable. no one told me it could be painful! my feet, legs, arms, hands, and more hurt. i'm drinking lots of water li...


Need Help with Swollen Foot

G.J. asks from Peoria

My 12 yr. old daughters foot will swell up, become red, hard, and warm to the touch. It happens on the bottom or side of her foot and is happening more frequently. Sh...


What Would Cause This?

C.O. asks from Washington DC

I woke up this morning and my legs and feet are swollen...not like the time I was pregnant and they literally "swished" - but swollen - NOT RED - from the knee down? ...


Toddler with Unusual Rash/allergy. Help Needed!

L.F. asks from Charlotte

My daughter is 22 mo old and has been sick since about Christmas eve. She first came down with some sort of stomach bug which I had as well. She threw up a couple t...


39 Weeks Pregnant and Falling Apart!

K.H. asks from Dallas

I'm 39 weeks pregnant - my due date is January 21st - and over the weekend, I started having circulation issues. My feet have swollen before and my legs have cramped...



C.M. asks from Visalia

My 11 year has had hives for a week. I think it is the Benedrly! I usally give the dye free kind but my husband bought the pink pills. What should I do? I stopped gi...


Allergic Reaction to Antibiotic

M.W. asks from Evansville

I am in dire need of some advice. My son has an ear infection and was put on antibiotics for it - a new one he had never taken before (he's one year old). After his...


How Do I Know If I Broke My Toe?

J.P. asks from Chicago

I don't want to go in for nothing (to my regular dr or someone else?), but I don't know how to tell if it's broken or just hurt. It's the pinky toe, swollen on top a...

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