blue bowel movement

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Baby Born with Pneumonia?

She was overdue, had a bowel movement inside me and was breathing in the toxins. ... During his two week visit he turned blue due to lack of oxygen. ...

Infant Constipation

My first daughter was strictly breastfed and only had a bowel movement once a week. ...... or blue cars .. and each time someone sees one they get a treat. ...

Constipated, Help!

bowel movement in 6 answers "We give it to her right before bed and then she has a ..... white with a blue lid) and break them up a little less than half, ...

My 2 Month Old Has Really Loose Stools

She was recently having problems having a bowel movement and now she has supper ... Those blue scented plastic bags were a life safer when I was out and ...

Foods That Provide a Laxative Effect?

She would actually cry when she tried to have a bowel movement. I felt so bad! We tried a lot of different things. Apple juice definately works, ...

Need Advice on Constipation for 18 Month Old

They are in a small blue package. They do not blow up like a diaper. ...... Now, at 7 yrs old if my son knows he hasn't had a bowel movement or his tummy ...

Potty Training

Before I could get her to the was a bowel movement and it wasn't ... Also, have you tried the cleaners that turn the toilet +water blue? ...

Metformin for PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome

Each of the three times I started them, I had a sudden bowel movement about 3 .... Allie F added this item : Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant: Delicious, ...

Water Breaking Preparation

... blue plastic layer with a cottony layer that's just really absorbent. .... after the baby is past term and they have done their first bowel movement. ...

Bleeding Diaper Rash

My son gets diaper rash out of the blue like this too. ..... The prunes may have caused a bit of diarrha (sp) and that caused a more acid bowel movement. ...
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