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Blue Ray Player Question

S.M. asks from Minneapolis

Our old DVD player is on it's last life, it won't play CD's or DVD's unless we leave the cover unscrewed, lol.. So I am looking online and trying to find something I...


Am I Stuck with This Blue Ray??

D.B. asks from Detroit

I purchased my 5 yr old son the Astro Boy movie from Walmart for Easter from the "Easter Bunny". I was in a rush the day I was shopping and just grabbed it with a fe...


What Do I Need to Know to Buy a Tv? - Where Have You Seen a Great Sale?

T.K. asks from Dallas

Superbowl brings tvs on sale. I want a new tv. Mine is 20 yrs old, bought used from a pawn shop. You can't even hook a dvd player to it! ha! I have scrimped and ...


Piggy Back from Budget Issue

L.M. asks from Kansas City

we each have cell phones AND a home phone We have basic cable, and Internet. - TIME WARNER Costs around $200 - $230 a month for the above. I wonder if we cut the...


tV/Smart Tv/roku Et Al.... Ugh, Help!

V.W. asks from Jacksonville

Alright ladies, I am struggling trying to figure out what I want to get. I know some of you out there are familiar with some of these things and was hoping you co...


Holiday Conundrums - Gifting

V.W. asks from Jacksonville

Well, we are rapidly approaching that time again, where as the mom we have to figure out what gifts will make the short list. My head hurts from trying to figure it ...


Netflix & Hulu

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I keep reading about people who are ditching cable and satellite tv, and opting to use things like Netflix and Hulu instead. I've used Netflix just to get DVD's, but...


What Would You Buy on

F.M. asks from San Antonio

I got a gift card ($250) for Christmas from my mom. Normally when she gives me a high dollar gift card to amazon I buy little things during the year for myself (a CD ...


Looking for New Video Camera

B.M. asks from Louisville

I am getting ready to start "investigating" new video cameras. I am hoping to hear some reviews from other people before I buy. I'm looking for one with a long last...



E.G. asks from Atlanta

Hey All, We are looking to reduce our overhead. We have done away with our landline, and really do not miss it. We are about ready to cancel T-Mobile and go with...

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  • can check out books from the library in 2 answers "... for I only wanted mine for reading. I can check out books from the library ..."
  • netflix or hulu plus in 2 answers "In order to stream Netflix or Hulu Plus to your TV, you either have to hook up the ..."
  • netflix and hulu plus in 2 answers "We also have Netflix and Hulu Plus."
  • blue ray player in 2 answers "I did want to tell you though, that for Christmas I got a blue-ray player with WiFi."
  • blu ray in 2 answers "Blu ray players will play your DVDs."