blotchy red patches

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Help Getting Rid of Pregnancy Mask/Melasma

I went to a salon and tried laser treatment and my skin was a little red right after the ... Any Great Treatments for Melasma (Blotchy Patches) on Face? ...

ROSACEA Skin Cream-care

It's annoying but the cream keeps the little red dots from coming out. .... Any Great Treatments for Melasma (Blotchy Patches) on Face? ...

Spot on Face-caused by Pregnancy

i had the same thing. a red dot in the middle of my forehead.(i have a fair complexion with ... Any Great Treatments for Melasma (Blotchy Patches) on Face? ...

Anyone Have Age Spots Removed?

Jul 21, 2009 ... The spots get red, and then get a scab on them. Once the scab falls off, .... Any Great Treatments for Melasma (Blotchy Patches) on Face? ...

Sexless Marriage

Have you tried Red Hot Monogomy? Wish you the best. Hang in there! .... There are injections, patches, pills, etc. that he can take to increase his ...

Help for Chronic Baby Rash?

A.S. asks from San Francisco

My 18 month old son has had a chronic diaper rash for a long time now. Shortly after birth, he developed a yeasty rash for which my midwife recommended Monostat. It u...


Infant Eczema: Causes and Cures

L.B. asks from Columbus

My eight-month-old daughter has eczema, so she gets itchy red patches mostly on her cheeks, neck, and the creases of her elbows and knees. Her doctor prescribed a ste...


Skin Rash

E.D. asks from Los Angeles

my six month has a rash almost over his entire body and heavier red blotchy patches in concentrated areas. i have sensitive skin so the poor guy has my genes! i start...


Penicillin Allergy

K.H. asks from Atlanta

My 9 month old had an allergic reaction to penicillin and he is all red. Has anyone had experienced this and how long did it take for the redness to go away?


Son Has Tiny Bumps

E.K. asks from Missoula

My three-year-old son has some weird little bumps on his upper body and a few on his legs. I noticed them this morning after his bath. They don't seem itchy or anythi...

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