bloody mucus in nose

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Advice for 2 Y/o with Severe Runny Nose

I do not consider her runny nose with no other complications to be ... I use this irrigation system on my girls and it's amazing how much mucus it cleans ...

8 Week Old Has a Lot of Mucus/sneezing/throwing up - Suggestions?

my 8 week old has been sneezing for the past 3 days, has a ton of mucus (nose, throat) and when he spits up after a feeding it is a lot of mucus (thick and ...

Mucus in Stool

If so, they really can't get the mucous out the way we do: nose ... She had mucus in her stool until she was almost 1. ... Blood in Baby's Stool ...

Runny Nose

You want that mucus broken up so she can breathe through her nose, .... She never had blood in her dirty diapers... in fact, I can't say that her diapers ...

Clogged/blocked Tear Duct Advice!

His eyes were bloody for about an hour, and the next 2 days he had bloody mucous draining a little through his nose. But now, the 2nd morning after the ...

Cold or Sinus Infection

Last week she devolped a stuffy but sometimes runny nose. The mucous is a very thick and I understand that does not always mean an infection . ...

Stuffy Nose

I expressed milk into a small cup and used a syringe or medicine dropper to put it into her nose When I do it now she gets mad but forces the mucus out and ...

Infant with Diarrhea

I have seen poop in all different shades of yellow, orange, red and the mucus is normal, especially if he may be runny nose/drooling. When my daughter is ...

My Baby Has a Cold

She has mucus in the back of her throat and in her nose. Yesterday she started the coughing which means it has moved..."

Frequent Nose Bleeds

Oct 28, 2009 ... As bad as this sounds, I know he is not picking his nose because. ... the air dry and makes the mucous membranes susceptible to nose bleeds. ...
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  • had a clogged tear duct in 2 answers "she also had a clogged tear duct in her left eye."
  • bulb syringe to suck in 2 answers "... a drop or two in each nostril, wait 10 minutes then use the bulb syringe to suck ..."
  • makes a baby chest rub in 2 answers "A warm bath in a steamy bathroom. Vicks makes a baby chest rub that is gentle and ..."
  • always had a runny nose in 2 answers "... Just a thought, my niece was a daycare baby and she ALWAYS had a runny nose ..."
  • nasal passages in 4 answers "... bouncer with the hot shower running the steam will help clear her nasal passages ..."