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Diaper Rash That Never Wants to Go Away!

H.S. asks from Youngstown

I know diaper rash & babies/toddlers go together, but this is getting out of control! My 16 month old daughter constantly has little bumps or a rash on her private ar...


6 Week Old Has Diaper Rash

A.F. asks from Yuba City

I am trying to determine whether or not my infant has diaper dermatitis. She only has this small patch of red spots around her anus. It almost looks like when you h...


Can Diaper Rash and Not Eating Be Related?

M.G. asks from Richmond

I have an eight month old daughter. First of all, by the standard growth chart, she's about 2 lbs underweight (as in, off the charts) and the pediatrician makes SURE...


Mucous in Diaper of 3 Month Old

G.S. asks from Austin

Hello! My baby has had mucous in his diaper pretty consistently since he was born. (Warning--this is a little gross.) It was really bad--globs like jelly and lots o...


My Four Month Old Doesnt Cry with Diaper Rash

B.O. asks from Salt Lake City

hi anyone out there , My baby girl Mia is four months old and i changed her poopy diaper and as i wiped her i saw blood on the wipe but noticed that my baby didnt eve...


Diaper Rash with Constant Pooping - Diet Related?

E.W. asks from San Francisco

My 11 month old son has had a pretty bad diaper rash for a few weeks now - it gets better, then gets worse on a daily basis. It's gotten so bad his poor butt was enti...


Daughter Purposely Wetting Diaper at Night

M.K. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter just turned 3 and is not potty trained. She has some constipation issues so we are working through those before starting potty training (which is the advi...


Going Green: Need Cloth Diaper Advice

S.M. asks from Stockton

With the rising cost of oil and just out of concern for the environment I feel compelled to start using cloth diapers at home. I have no idea how or which to buy. S...


Two Year Old Picking at Diaper and Putting Pieces of It in His Mouth

B.H. asks from Scranton

My grandson picks at his diaper and puts little pieces he pulls off into his mouth. He is two years and 5 months old. Has anyone ever faced this problem? Does anyone ...


Worse than a Diaper Rash? Please HELP ME!!!

R.H. asks from Little Rock

My daughter is almost 14 months old. She is sick alot (ear infections, Colds, etc...) She has food allergies to berries and oranges. Now she keeps getting this VERY...

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  • boudreauxs butt paste in 2 answers "... the urine from the diaper and try the rash cream called Boudreaux's Butt Paste."
  • its called bag balm in 2 answers "... found that the best protection or healer for diaper rash. It's called Bag Balm ..."
  • jock itch cream in 2 answers "I also have used the jock itch cream when my son had it,that is what my dr told me ..."
  • really bad diaper rashes in 2 answers "My daughter has had a few REALLY bad diaper rashes and I tried Butt Paste, Desitin ..."
  • found bag balm in 2 answers "I have only found bag balm at walgreens, and it kind of expensive for a small tin ..."