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Thinking About Writing a Blog

D.H. asks from New York

Hi folks, I've been thinking for some time I'd like to try my hand at writing a blog. I've even set up a blog spot but haven't done much more. I've got a lot going on...


Shocking Website

L.B. asks from New York

My 16 year old niece was over today and I let her use my computer. I just looked at the computer history and saw that she was on a strange website called Tumblr. Ki...


Scrapbooking - I Really Hate It! What Do I Do with All Our Stuff?? Need Ideas!

M.O. asks from Chicago

OK, so we are making room for baby #3 and "the office" is becoming child #2s bedroom. That means my sewing machine, scrapbooking and all office furniture is either b...


Website for Baby to Share with Family

L.T. asks from Denver

Hi Ladies! Any advice on websites to post photos, videos, journals featuring my son and our family for relatives and friends to keep up with us? Thanks!


Ways to Share Photos

H.C. asks from Portland

My new years resolution is to be better at sending photos to friends and family. I have been neglectful of this. They are all on the east coast or the UK so we don't ...

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