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Organizing Lego

Lego does make "platforms" which are a sheet of plastic with knobs on it like the blocks have. I found a small one at a thrift store but the kids didn't ...

Activities for 7 1/2 Month Old

Blocks, play doh, musical instruments, etc. Sand or beads sealed in a can with ... My son likes the fisher price blocks that have different things inside of ...

Removing Crayon Marks on Wooden Toys?

Read all 16 responses: "Hello, I've purchased some wooden blocks and other wooden toys that have crayon marks on them. Before I attempt to clean them, ...

Need Birthday Gift Ideas for One Year Old Girl

Jun 18, 2009 ... When they turn 1 great gifts are things like stacking blocks, those little tubs that have shape holes on top, where the kids try to get the ...

How to Tell FAMILY

Sep 5, 2009 ... Well spellingbaby was too easy so we came up withwith child so 9 individually wrapped blocks. Believe me keeping the secret was tough enough ...

Disciplining 18 Month Old?

My son is getting messier and messier as the days go by He loves to dump all of his blocks on the floor take puzzles apart and leave the pieces on the floor ...

Best Birthday Gifts/toys for a 1 Year Old Little Girl

My son LOVES the wooden blocks he got fir his first birthday. He's 18 months now and plays with them every day! Not sure if that's a boy thing or not but I ...

Need Help Organizing Toys

Sep 11, 2009 ... The 2 year old has things like small board books, blocks and random ... We have a rubbermaid tub full of mega blocks, two tubs full of dress ...

Suggestions Needed- for Xmas List - 18 Mo Old Boy

Sep 30, 2009 ... My son likes his farm, duplo blocks, and Little People airplane. ... Both of my boys loved Mega Blocks as well as those cardboard brick ...

Need Ideas for Cheap Arts and Crafts for a Short Attention Span 2 1/2 Yr Old.

2. blocks and string. For some reason kids love to string blocks and large beads . Buy shoestring and those blocks that have holes in them. ...
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  • large lego collection in 2 answers "I taught kinder and 1st grade and had a large Lego collection."
  • clean magic erasers in 2 answers "Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!!! That should work for the wooden toys."
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  • 99 cent stores in 2 answers "I like to go to Michael's or 99-Cent stores for inspiration."
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