bladder infection

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My Son Has Reflux of the Bladder? How Common Is It?

Besides the frequent bladder infections our girls had very bad burning when swimming and I always had to cover the entire area with a diaper ointment or ...

Could She Have a UTI?

They can develop sometimes into a full-blown bladder infection. ... I didn't have a bladder infection for instance until I was in my thirties because I ...

4 Year Old with UTI

My 4 yr old daughter had 6 bladder infections last year. Fortunately she hasn't had one since November and what we have been doing differently is giving her ...

3 Year Old Daugher Complains It Hurts to Pee!!

Cranberry juice is used to clear up bladder infections. If she doesn't have a bladder infection then the cranberry juice might not do any good. ...

Urinary Tract Infection While Pregnant

I had a bladder infection with my oldest and a uniary tractr infection with my last two it will be ok. Yes to cranberry juice and plently of water. ...

3 Year Old Not Peeing

I would have though of a bladder or kidney infection. ... He could have a bladder infection is the first thing that comes to my mind. ...

What's Wrong with My Bladder?!

Not only did I leak, but I kept bladder infections every 3 months. I have now had a bladder sling for 3 years, and it has been great! ...

Daughter Just Diagonsed with UTI Looking for Tips to Get Her Better Faster

My daughter had 2 consecutive bladder infections when she was 4 years old. ... Then, during my last pregnancy, I had a bladder infection. ...

Toddler Has an Internal Yeast Infection

I have heard if left untreated those infections can make you sterile. ... Pregnant, Think I Have a Bladder infection....alternatives to Antibiotics? ...

5 Year Old Daughter, 2 Kidney Infections in 2 Months

The urologist diagnosed her with a neurogenic/overactive bladder. Ever since that test, she has gotten 3 major infections. I am really worried as to the ...
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