black or tarry stools

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8 Month Old - Tarry, Gummy BM???

C.N. asks from Milwaukee

I just changed my daughter and her BM was like a piece of gum but charcoal colored about the size of a nickel. She started eating cantaloupe yesterday but other then ...


My 11Th Month Old Is Pooping Green Stools.

L.S. asks from Miami

I recently just changed my 11th months old formula and she has been having green bowel movements, also with constipation and green stools. She wakes up at night screa...


Toddler Constipation

A.Q. asks from Ocala

Yesterday I was reserching my toddlers constipation, pain and black stools and read in alot of the moms awnsers about a juice I think it was sweet plum something - i ...


Poopie Issue

E.G. asks from New York

Hi moms, sorry for the poopie question but here goes. My son just turned 9 months yesterday and has had a few black poops with an almost powdery substance with it in...



C.R. asks from Chicago

I am a first time mom. My daughter is 5 months old and we just started bananas with her yesterday. Well, today when she pooped in her diaper, her poop was black. Is t...


Help! My 14 Month Old Hasn't Eaten in 24 Hours!!!

M.W. asks from Chicago

My 14 month old, Lucas, has had diarrhea for 7 days now. His appetite decreased last week, but now since Monday pm he has not eaten anything. He shakes his head "NO" ...


Poop Problems!

E.K. asks from Missoula

Before I call my pediatrician AGAIN I thought I would ask people who really know things: moms! Both of my kids (16-month-old daughter and almost three-year-old son) h...


Stomach Troubles. Has Any One Else Gone Through This??

R.L. asks from Anchorage

Hello I have been having bad stomach problems since the end of May beginning of June of this year and they are still here. My symtoms are as follows: In the beginning...


What on Earth Am I Finding in My Daughters Diaper?!

R.D. asks from Richmond

my youngest daughter madison will be 2 in july, and for the past couple of weeks she's been using the potty (yea!!) BUT... the times she doesnt use the potty, its bec...


Bloody Stool Stress

K.S. asks from Detroit

Hi moms-as I have gone into FBPM (full-blown panic mode)...I thought I'd turn to you to see if anyone out there has experienced what we did yesterday. I have a perfe...

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