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3 Yr Old Wont Eat Veggies or Fruits

As a result, my son has developed a love for apples, apple sauce and oranges. ... about everythin in liquid form no matter how bitter (I give him a lot of ...

Need Help Getting My 5 Year Old to Take a Pill!

He would make sure I knew not to chew that bite as the pill was so bitter. ... Apple sauce works great, because you don't have to chew it. ...

Cats off the Christmas Tree

2. spray the bitter apple spray around the tree 3. mix hot sauce with water in a spray bottle and spray the cat every time they go near the tree, ...

My Shih Tzu Keeps Digging Holes and Escaping

Apr 18, 2009 ... Petsmart also sells a product called Bitter Apple that is supposed to deter dogs (best used inside though). We even burried cinder blocks ...

Keeping Cats off Livingroom Furniture

the best way to keep pets out of areas you do not want them, you can get at your local pet store its called bitter apple spray, it does not stain or harm ...


Bitter cucumbers work best. Leave a few tea bags of mint tea near areas where the ants seem most ... It smells nice to if you use the apple scented dawn. ...

The Dog Is Stressing Me Out. What Can I Do?

Get some Bitter Apple spray and spray it on things she chews that is not hers. When she takes something she is not allowed to have, take it away from her, ...

Getting Your First Dog

Sep 3, 2009 ... they begin to chew your thingsi.e. chair legs shoes or your carpet you can buy a product called Bitter Apple Spray at any Pet Store This ...

My Cat Is Ruining Our Furniture Suggestions on Natural Repellent

Try bitter apple spray. I am part of the "rescue community". Your question is an excellent one. If nothing works for you, email me and I will put out an ...

New Puppy at Home with Cat and 16 Month Old Twins... Help!

Also using a spray of bitter apple (find in pet stores) in the mouth when barking inapropriately, chewing, or you can spray it on things you dont want ...
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