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Red Spot on My Sons Face

Preschool & Head Start · Public vs. Private · Readiness to Start .... Also my daughters Birthmark was a cluster of them on her hip and the Dr. said they ...

Toddler with Red Mole?

My husband had a huge one on his head as a kid, same with two of his cousins. ... birthmark babies · toddler skin conditions ...

Hemangioma, Our Baby Has One on Her Chest....

My baby had one on her head but it was a superficial one that did not require .... curios kids that she has a birthmark, but it will be gone in a few years. ...

Henoch-Schönlein Purpura...

... very focused & looking more like a port-of-wine stain birthmark! ... little girl (who is now 21 months old) got it in Sept. and was COVERED from head to ...

3 Month Old with Puffy Eye

Aug 30, 2009 ... Preschool & Head Start · Public vs Private · Readiness to Start ... vessels like a strawberry birthmark but deeper under the skin Im so ...

"Skin Tag on 11 Yr Old"

My mom used to take a hair out of her head and tie it around the skin tag. ..... Sorry I don't have a home remedy, but my daughter had a birthmark on her ...

23 Month Old Doesn't Walk - Husband Is Reluctant to Have a 2Nd Baby

... news on tv got to my head - but it actually sparked a new fire underneath once I .... She has had surgery to remove a potential canerous birthmark at 16 ...

Sling Recommendation

There's a shop in Media called Birthmark. They can help with questions like .... Mine also has a head/neck rest for the baby. I just tie the waist straps ...

Alternative to Mederma Scar Creme?

Apr 23, 2009 ... Preschool & Head Start · Public vs. Private · Readiness to Start ... My son just had surgery to remove a birthmark last month. ...

My 4 Month Old Has a Lump Under Her Nipple

Preschool & Head Start · Public vs. Private · Readiness to Start .... my daughters had red markings on it on her skin almost like a little birthmark. ...
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