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Volunteer Doulas in Chicago?

So, I want the doula to help so I have more of what I want in the birth - delivery experience, without the epidural and managing the pain ok. ...

Best Kaiser Hospital to Have a "Natural" Birth Experience?

Congratulations on your upcoming birth and a belated welcome to Portland! I am a birth doula, and for those clients who wish to have a low intervention ...

Becoming a Doula

hello - my name is stpehanie and i live near hbg pa - i would love to talk to you - i am in the middle of my training to become a birth doula - and i am ...

Childbirth and Head Cold

I am a birth doula and childbirth educator. I am wondering if it might be wiser to wait and go into natural labor - and have the chance to get over your ...

Midwife, Doula, or OB?

I hired a doula as well. They were all great. I had my third child in PA at a Birth center with midwives, but this time I didn't hire a doula because I felt ...

Becomming a Doula

Hi, I used a doula last year for the birth of my second child. ... Even though my 2nd birth was easy, it was still comforting having a doula there just in ...

Explain a Doula

A doula is very skilled at fitting in to the birth team where she feels she fits most. During a long labor, she may send the partner off for a 10 minute nap ...

Seeking Doula or Mid-wife

I have nothing but positive feedback for you regarding both midwives and birth doulas. I used both for my pregnancies, and they were fantastic! ...

Seeking Advice on Doulas

(I ended up with an epidural at the very end of my first baby's birth) We're debating about hiring a Doula for extra support since there was really not much ...

Has Anyone Used a Doula?

We used a birth doula with our second child and it made all the difference in the .... I also used a doula with my pain medication-free birth with pitocin. ...
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  • northwestern memorial physicians group in 2 answers "I go to the Northwestern memorial physicians group and see the midwives."
  • used tanya mchale in 2 answers "... you described - and would DEFINATELY recommend a doula. We used Tanya McHale ..."
  • when i went into labor in 4 answers "I was SOOO sick when I went into labor with my daughter last year!"
  • had a horrible head cold in 2 answers "I had a HORRIBLE head cold when I went into labor with my 2nd child."
  • lin schaye in 2 answers "I absolutely LOVED my midwife, Lin Schaye (someone actually mentioned her earlier ..."