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Birth Control

Read all 6 responses: "mama's, if any of you use YAZ birth control (or any birth control at all), are you really suppose to take it at the EXACT same time ...

Has Anyone Gained Weight While Taking YAZ?

Yaz was recommended to me as the birth control pill least likely to cause weight gain. I used to also get sore (and larger) breasts on other birth control ...

Need Some Advice on Birth Control...

check into Yaz. It is a great birth control. I have used 4 different kinds with different side effects with each. I've been on Yaz about 5 months and have ...


Sep 15, 2009 ... I went on Yaz, for birth control, and after about 2 months started getting really bad migrains. After I had them almost every day for a week ...

Brith Control

I second YAZ! I love it. Shorter and lighter periods, and i haven't experienced the moodiness and all .... yaz birth control · birth control side effects ...

Birth Control

I know nothing about the YAZ birthcontrol, however I can tell you that after taking regular low-dose birth control pills I developed a blood-clot in my ...

Side Effects of Yaz - Agitation?

Read all 9 responses: "Due to a medical prblm my OB put me on Yaz. I haven't taken the pill in over 2 decades ... Need Input on Birth Control Pills -- YAZ ...

Birth Control

I was thinking about going on the Yaz birth control pill. ... Hi J., I use to take the Yaz birth control pill. I had no problems with this birth control ...

How Have Other Moms Reacted to Yaz?

I have had terrible acne since becoming preganant, so my doctor suggested Yaz birth control pills as something that might help my skin. I am nearing the end ...

Yaz- Does It Help with Irritability?

I am going to go on birth control and continue to hear a lot about Yaz. ..... Anyone Else Have Bad Experience with YAZ Birth Control Pill? ...
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  • birth control pills in 2 answers "What I remember about birth control pills is all of them were supposed to help with ..."
  • really heavy periods in 2 answers "I never had really heavy periods, but one advantage of YAZ is that your period is ..."
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