birth control with the most estrogen

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Birth Control Suggestions

J.D. asks from Washington DC

Hello. I am 24 and just had my first child in November. I have never been on birth control and am thinking about trying it now because I don't want another child th...


Birth Control Suggestions....

G.W. asks from Dallas

Hi all! I need birth control but I don't want... --a bunch of hormones --to bleed for long periods of time --to gain weight --my period to stop --anything I hav...


Birth Control for over 35 Mom

E.K. asks from Dallas

Any ideas on safe birth control for over 35 women? My OBGYN has said that the pill is not safe due to increased risk of blood clots. I recently got an IUD but haven...


Birth Control While Breast Feeding

V.M. asks from Norfolk

I just recently had my 6 week appointment after having my second baby and of course the subject of birth control was talked about - I received a prescription for the ...


Birth Control.....what Do I Do Now?

C.A. asks from Atlanta

Okay....Im about to be 35 and I just recently went through a miscarriage/presumed ectopic pregnancy. I was thinking about an IUD but after speaking with my doctor tod...


Yasmin Birth Control

M.J. asks from Athens

Hey Ladies, I was wondering if anyone has taken the birth control pill yasmin. I just started last month and i should have started me period yesterday but didnt! The ...


Breast Feeding and Birth Control

L.W. asks from Las Vegas

I wanted to know if anyone knows what kind of birth control is safe to use while you breastfeed? I know that there is a certain pill that is safe to take while nursi...


Seasonique Birth Control?

A.S. asks from Detroit

I had my copper IUD removed this week due to HORRIBLE complications since getting it put in, I asked the doctor for Seasonique birth control pills. It's the one that ...


Birth Control Advice

N.H. asks from Chattanooga

I am a SAHM to two little boys under two, and I want to start some type of birth control because I can't handle any new addittions at this time ;) Anyway, I was on t...


Breastfeeding & Birth Control

M.R. asks from Daytona Beach

I am wondering what is the best bc to be on while your breastfeeding? I had a low supply in the begining and my daughter was not gaining enough weight she is still in...

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