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Questions on Birth Control

Have no embarrassment over asking about birth control, ... Most Docs say the first sunday after you start your next period, but it varies. ...

Short-Term Birth Control Methods/Products

My husband and I have been gearing up to start trying..." ... I also plan to consider a diaphragm for my method of birth control after our first. ...

Cramping with Birth Control Pills?

After 8 years of not having to be on birth control, I am now back on the pill. ... to start your first period since giving birth? some women don't start ...

Birth Control

My sister is thinking about going back on birth control. ... for you to come in on your cycle b/c its easier but I always start and stop on the weekend. ...

Birth Control Causing Weight Gain

Read all 17 responses: "I was put on Progesterone only birth control pills ... I start loosing weight and my apetitte gone. then web site from the rpoduct ...

When Did You Get Your Period After STOPPING Birth Control Pills?

I've not taken Seasonique, but when I used regular birth control pills, ... four cycles I had to have Provera to jump start the cycle and clomid to ovulate. ...

Advice on Birth Control

My husband and I are both Catholic, we were using Birth Control..." ... When my period did start, it had been 6 months, that month we got pregnant again! ...

Birth Control Pill

I have been going back and forth about birth control and decided the pill would be best ... But I have NEVER been on the pill and dont know where to start. ...

Please Help!! Birth Control or Pregnant??

Read all 29 responses: "So i been on birth control for a year. Today is tuesday. ... Morning sickness is not going to start with in a few days of pregnancy. ...

Natural Birth Control???

At around six months of age, the baby will start taking solids or liquids other than ... It has everything you need to know about natural birth control. ...
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  • didnt want you to have a period while nursing in 2 answers "... life of me figure out why your dr didn't want you to have a period while nursing."
  • birth control pills in 5 answers "I would think that you overdosed yourself on birth control pills which can cause head ..."
  • having unprotected sex in 2 answers "... already mentioned that you don't seem able to keep from having unprotected sex ..."
  • other barrier methods in 2 answers "... seem to remember that Weschler makes recommendations about other barrier methods ..."
  • some herbal supplements in 2 answers "... time (condoms etc,). Chamomile tea is just fine as well. Some herbal supplements ..."