birth control when is it effective

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Birth Control Options - IUD Vs. Depo?

My husband and I have been using NFP and it has been 100% effective for us. .... Next question: Birth Control ... effective birth control · iud side effects ...

Birth Control Options

The Today Contraceptive Sponges were new on the market but I loved the idea of no horomones and safe effective birth control. They worked 100% of the time ...

Birth Control While Nursing

For me it seemed like the most effective birth control without risking losing my milk. Good Luck! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Birth Control Advice

I have a 4month old daughter and I have the Mirena inplant and so far so good! I love it!Its the most effective birth control. And no weight gain. Helpful? ...

Mirena Birth Control

I like not having to think about birth control and the fact that it is very effective. I must admit that I'm happy that my husband got a vasectomy and am ...

Ideas for Birth Control?

Okay moms, I'm looking for some ideas on birth control. .... It is 99% effective when used properly. It is natural so you are not useing medication when you ...

Non-Hormonal Birth Control

Please help me with any suggestions on a hormone free EFFECTIVE birth control method...Thank You,. J. Respond to Question. 1 mom found this helpful ...

Advice on Birth Control

We didn't want kids at the time, and knew it was effective. Well, during our pre marital classes we discuss birth control and the "church's" view on this. ...

Natural Family Planning as Birth Control

I have decided to go the natural family planning route for birth control this ... NFP can be very effective, but is hard to do if you are nursing and not ...

What Is Your Favorite Birth Control Method and Why?

If you are uncomfortable with the birth control side effects like I am, why not try Natural Family Planning? It is much more effective than the 'pull and ...
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