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Birth Control While Also Taking Antibiotics!

You DEFINITELY can get prego. I had two friends who did while on antibiotics! ... When I counsel clients concerning taking birth control pills I try to ...

Birth Control

If you decide to have more kids, just go in and get it taken out! ... I hate birth control pills because of the weight gain, but I still take it because ...

Can Your Birth Control Pills Make You Sick???

When I first started birth control pills... they made me VERY sick. It took my system a few days to get used to them. Also... you don't normally start ...

Horrible Nausea & Breast Tenderness - Not Pregnant

sometimes my birth control pills cause this... I have been taking them for well over a year but my breast get sore and I get sick to my stomach. ...

Still Nursing 12 Month Old, Should I Begin Birth Control Pills??

I believe I'm going to get my period back soon,(could tell I was ovulating this week) and wanted to begin birth control pills. ...

Trying to Decide What Birth Control Is Best

Birth control pills that prevent a fertilized egg from implanting have moral ... I personally will NOT EVER get the Mirena. My sis n law had one and got ...

Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills. Hello, I started the pill a few months ago. ... I know I should just go and get a test, but really I'm not ready to face the fact that ...

Anyone Taking Loestrin-24 Birth Control Pills

Anyone Taking Loestrin-24 Birth Control Pills. I'm really hoping to get some responses from women taking Loestrin-24. I've been on it for over a year and ...

Experience with Getting off Birth Control Pills?

It's been a month since she quit, and yesterday she was supposed to get her period (she was regular like a ... Regular Birth Control Pill or "Lo" Kind? ...

Good Birth Control Pill

Apr 26, 2009 ... I will never go back to Birth control Pills. This is so much easier. I was able to get it done in one office visit without any meds. ...
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