birth control pill and estrogen

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Breastfeeding and Becoming Pregnant

I was on an estrogen free birth control pill for the first 6 months after my daughter was born and then I never refilled the prescription, because I was ...

Can Anyone Recommend a Good Birth Control Pill Brand?

It has the lowest dose of estrogen, 20 mcgm. This website shows you the amounts and ... Which Birth Control Pill to Choose? ... New to Birth Control Pills ...

Birth Control Options

So, can anyone recommend a good birth control pill? I haven't been on the pill in years ... It contains progesterone only (no estrogen while breastfeeding). ...

Birth Control One Year Later and Still Breastfeeding - Mini-pill or Nuva Ring?

A little over a month ago, my pharmacy switched the manufacturer of my birth control mini-pill from Errin to Jolievette. I had been taking Errin since about ...

Nausea/Vomiting On Day That Period Starts

This is the first cycle on a new birth control pill that my doctor prescribed. ... the option of switching to another pill with less estrogenic activities, ...

Birth Control

I thought NuvaRing has estrogen, which would affect your milk supply. 1 mom found this helpful ... Still Nursing 12-Month Old, Birth Control Pill Safe? ...

Could I Be Allergic to My Birth Control?

Oct 21, 2009 ... After analyzing everything, the only new thing I had going on was the birth control pill. Sure enough, as soon as I stopped taking it, ...

Birth Control While Breastfeeding?

That's what I was on and it worked, but has low doses of estrogen. ... Your OBGYN can perscribe a birth control pill that is safe to take while breast ...

Extreme Fatigue the Week Prior to My Period

I've known that soy practically has more estrogen in it than birth control pills , which is why many homeopathic menopause remedies are soy based. ...

Still Bleeding After 3 Months

I was breast feeding so my dr had put my on a low estrogen birth control pill so as not to cut down my milk supply. When she found out that I was still ...
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