birth control other than the pill

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Breastfeeding and the Pill

It is a POP birthcontrol pill. "Progestrone only pill" so it has no ... So I chose not to use any birth control. I breast fed my daughter until she was 13 ...

When to Start Birth Control Pills

obviously....your doctor prescribed your birth control pills for you. ... You do not have 2 wait 2 get a period before you start taking the pill again. ...

Birth Control Pill

Does anyone have any experience with the GENERIC form of birth control pills? .... It's nice to not take the pill everyday. I've had it for 5 months and ...

How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant After Stopping Birthcontrol?

I had been on birth control for over 7 years. Be patient, it will come. DO NOT STRESS OR WORRY ABOUT IT! You just got off of the pill and it usually takes a ...

Twins Soon After Discontinuing Birth Control?

My sister ended up with twins soon after discontinuing her birth control pill, and twins did not run on either side of the family. ...

Birth Control Pill - Which One Should I Go On?

I do not need a mini-pill any more since I am not breastfeeding. I wish to switch to a "regular" birth control pill because I do not like some of the side ...

Birth Control and Nursing

I would reccomend using another form of birth control. I was on the same pill and when I began giving up feedings I ended up pregnant. I am not sure when ...

Short-Term Birth Control Methods/Products

I also plan to consider a diaphragm for my method of birth control after our first. ... I AM NOT SURE WHAT FORM OF THE PILL YOU ARE USING, BUT MOST OF MY ...

Birth Control

Apr 26, 2009 ... I do not like to take the birth control pill, not a big fan of needles, scared about the IUD and the implant but I was considering the ...

Spotting with Birth Control

Hang in there and try not to worry! :-). Helpful? ... After giving birth, your hormone levels are not the same as prior to ... Mini-pill Birth Control ...
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