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Implantion or Just Spotting While on Birth Control??

I am wondering if I can be pregnant and if it is implantion bleeding. Has anyone gotten pregnant while on birth control. My hubby and I were never really ...

Birth Control

Apr 26, 2009 ... I am pregnant for my fourth child which is very welcomed. When I do decide to use birth control, it will be the Family Planning Method. ...

When to Start Birth Control Pills

obviously....your doctor prescribed your birth control pills for you. ... You can still get pregnant even if your periods are not regular. ...

Wanting to Get pregnant...still Breastfeeding

Take birth control for a month. Also, just because you don't think you're ... I wasn't able to get pregnant again until I totally quit breastfeeding. ...

Twins Soon After Discontinuing Birth Control?

SO I found out on Valentines Day that I am pregnant.Have any of you heard that if you get pregnant during your first ovulation after you stop birth control ...

Trying to Get Pregnant 3Rd Time

It took me three months to get pregnant with my second son and I didn't have to go off of birth control. Give your system a few more months to clean out the ...

Birth Control/ How Long Will It Take Yo Get Pregnant?

Read all 8 responses: "I am currently using the Depo shot as my method of birth control. I would like to start planning a pregnancy.

Taking Depo Can I Be Pregnant?

As for can you get pregnant on Depo - you can get pregnant on anything. ... Good thing I wasn't actually taking strictly as a birth control. ...

Conception After Birth Control

I was never able to get pregnant for three or fours months after birth control pills anyway. Everyone is different and some women get pregnant while they ...

When Did You Get Your Period After STOPPING Birth Control Pills?

However when I stopped to get pregnant with my son I didnt get my period for 4 months then I got sick and .... pregnant birth control · 6 weeks pregnant ...
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