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Yaz Birth Control & Libido

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experience taking Yaz birth control pills (not Yasmine). I was just prescribed this bcp to help me manage my periods. I have had a...


Birth Control Issue, Please Help!!

M.L. asks from Portland

hey ladies. to sum it up real quick i CANNOT do hormones in the birth control..they make me wacky. and i had surgery to get one iud taken out when it went wrong and n...


What Is an IUD, and What Are Other Non-hormonal b.c. Methods

D. asks from Dallas

After 6 years of pretty much non-stop pregnancies and breastfeeding, I finally went back on the pill . . . and I hate it. I became sort of a naturalist during those ...


Birth Control

G.R. asks from Dallas

when is the best day to start in the pill ?how many days after my period can i start? i have been 7 years without the pill now i forget when to start. thank you


Need Information on Birth Control Without Hormones

R.G. asks from York

Looking for anyone with information on birth control that does NOT use hormones. Do they still market anything like this? Are there any IUD's that don't release hormo...


Birth Control

J.J. asks from Los Angeles

I am breastfeeding (pumping mainly) and was told that I am going to get my period soon. I do not want to use the pill or the mini pill. Does anyone have suggestions?


NuvaRing Birth Control - Side Effects

K.C. asks from New York

I was recently at my OBGYN after having our 2nd child and was discussing birth control. Has anyone used the NuvaRing? My OBGYN said the only S/E were spotting. But...


Birth Control

R.A. asks from San Francisco

I am 38 years old and done done done having children. I really don't want any accidental pregnancies as I keep hearing of others who say they were done and now they ...


Birth Control!

P.P. asks from Houston

I am 34yrs old. I have 3 children. My husband and I together have 2, a 4yr old and an almost 2 month old. He does not want anymore children. I would have at least one...


Birth Control

C.D. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, I have two kids and although we do not want more children we do not want to pull the plug yet "in case we change our mind later on". I tried the IUD Paragar...

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