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Getting off Depression Med's for Pregnancy

... it will be for another 2 months or so because of the birth control we did. ... One thing that you get to know is that any medication that you take will ...

Looking for Advice on Taking Seasonique, the Pill Where You Get 4 Periods a Year

I'm not saying everyone needs medications, but those who do are usually taking them because the GOOD .... Seasonal Birth Control Pills Causing Depression? ...

Birth Control over Age 35

(I am very weird about taking any medications!) So 4 months after stopping the pill ... So now I am trying to figure out what I should do for birth control. ...

Acne Creams

Jul 20, 2009 ... Topical medications are actually absorbed into your system very very well. ( Think nicotine patch, birth control patch, etc. ...

Seeking Advice on Natural Pregesterone Therapy

My doctor took my blood and talked to me about different hormonal balancing medications such as birth control, etc. However a friend told me that she used a ...

Need Information on Birth Control Without Hormones

Looking for anyone with information on birth control that does NOT use hormones. ... This means I can't have any hormone type IUDs or medications. ...

Mirena/Birth Control Decision Help with Anxiety

Aug 12, 2009 ... I have been through so many types of birth control since I was 17 and all give me ... Don't feel ashamed about asking for these medications, ...

Question About Medication Taken During Pregnanvy

On medication in pregnancy: We have to say that almost all are unsafe .... the same as cough suyrp on and off until my last two months to control the cough. ... O chose to stop close to birth as I was supposed to be a bradley birth and ...

Fertility Drugs

... but would also not use any birth control. just see what happened. they .... Now my periods are very regular without medication but I still do not ...

Still Producing Milk!!!

I quit actually leaking milk when I got off of birth control and all medication. Birth control has been known to start milk production (for women who have ...
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