birth control before pregnancy

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Birth Control Question

... if there are any other benefits to birth control other than pregnancy prevention. ... I had it for 14 months before we were suprised with baby #3. ...

How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant After Stopping Birthcontrol?

I had been on birth control for about 2 years when I decided to get off. ... I am 23, my first pregnancy was at 19 and was not planned. now that I am planning a ... I went to do this, but well I ended up pregnant before I could try it. ...

Please Help!! Birth Control or Pregnant??

Read all 29 responses: "So i been on birth control for a year. ... A. you may need to take a pregnancy test. And please do so before you take your next pill ...

When to Start Birth Control Pills

At the rate I am going it could be months before I have another period. ... obviously....your doctor prescribed your birth control pills for you. ...

Birth Control Insight?

She is looking into birth control for afterwards and is considering either Mirena or Paragard, she used pills before but had CRAZY mood swings! ...

Mini-pill Birth Control Question

Now if you do decide to wait until you get your period before starting it (use ... I was on a mild birth control when I breastfed and I still didn't get my ...

Day 44, No Period, but Negative HPT... What???

I did fine on birth control before my pregnancy, but afterwards, I couldn't find one that worked well for my body. So, about 4 months ago, I stopped taking ...

Questions on Birth Control

I was prescribed Alesse (a Birth Control Pill) and I am wondering how long it takes before it is effective. One nurse told me 7 days, my doctor said to ask ...

Getting Pregnant

Anyone that is ttc 30-under, usually has to ttc for 1 year w/o birth control before they will do any testing. 30 + only have to wait 6 months w/o birth ...

Tubes Tied and Pregnancy (?)

My tubes had been tied 10 years before I had become pregnant with another ... I' m looking for permanent birth control options also and vasectomy makes the ...
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