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Taking Anibiotics and Birth Control Pills at Same Time

Once you are done with your antibiotics they are no longer present in your body (24 hours after the last dose)so your birth control is no longer affected. ...

Advice on Birth Control

My husband and I are both Catholic, we were using Birth Control. ... We're not very consistent with taking temperatures, and my body is still out of service ...

Do Birth Control Pills Really Make It Harder to Lose Weight?

... put your body in starvation mode and it'll slow down your metabolism big time.]] ... For the 3 years I was on birth control I gained 10 lbs each year! ...

Cramping with Birth Control Pills?

After 8 years of not having to be on birth control, I am now back on the pill ... Do I just need to allow time to have my body get used to being on the pill ...

What Is Your Favorite Birth Control Method and Why?

If you are uncomfortable with the birth control side effects like I am, ... You will also have the added benefit of getting to know your body a bit better. ...

Birth Control

Still, $600 for 5 years of birth control is a good deal. ... you have to be patient with Mirena because it takes about six months for your body to regulate. ...

Looking for Birth Control Pills

Selecting the RIGHT birth control is important. Your doctor can talk to you about effectiveness, reliability and how to use it, it's effects on your body ...

Looking for Non Birth Control Medicine to Help Maintain Regular Periods

Does anyone know of a safe medicine that is not birth control that will keep .... If your physical activity is more strenuous than your body can handle with ...

Extremely Irregular Cycles After Giving Birth

FIY: I'm not on birthcontrol of any kind. I chose not too. I stopped taking it 4 years ago because my body wasn't doing well with artifical hormones. ...

Birth Control

Is anyone or has anyone taken one of those birth control that let you have a ... The downsides, until your body gets used to the cycle, you can get break ...
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