birth control and side effects

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Birth Control

Birth Control - Albany, OR. I was just curios to know if any of you have had any major side effects with this mirena IUD. I just had one put in 2 days ago ...

Birth Control Ideas

I've never had any negative side effects with the Mirena and would highly recommend that. Just do your research on any form of birth control and weigh out ...

Problems with Generic Birth Control?

Does anyone have any other birth control methods that are good? .... I gave up on pills because of the side effects. I now just use Natural family planning. ...

Breastfeeding and Birth Control

Mirena...worry free birth control, and very little side effect. It works for me. Talk to your doctor. Good luck with the breastfeeding. Helpful? ...

What Is Your Favorite Birth Control Method and Why?

If you are uncomfortable with the birth control side effects like I am, why not try Natural Family Planning? It is much more effective than the 'pull and ...

Finding a New Birth Control

No periods for me at all and no side effects. I couldn't ask for better birth control. And my insurance company paid 100% of the cost to have it put it, ...

Birth Control Advice

So, I was wondering if any of you have an IUD of are taking birth control pills that don't have all the negative side effects, i.e. weight gain, ...

Birth Control to Shrink an Ovarian Cyst?

1) Has anyone had experience with birth control pills to shrink a cyst? 2) Has anyone had an IUD and taken the pill at the same time...any side effects? ...

Birth Control Pill

Read all 9 responses: "Is anyone on or been on the genric birth control of yasmin? my insurance only covers the ... mood swings · birth control side effects ...

Advice About Using an IUD vs Birth Control Bills

So, many people don't have the same side effects as when they take the pill. Of course, like any birth control, there are negative stories. ...
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