birth control and pregnant

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Conception After Birth Control

I was never able to get pregnant for three or fours months after birth control pills anyway. Everyone is different and some women get pregnant while they ...

Birth Control

Apr 26, 2009 ... I am pregnant for my fourth child which is very welcomed. When I do decide to use birth control, it will be the Family Planning Method. ...

Implantion or Just Spotting While on Birth Control??

I am wondering if I can be pregnant and if it is implantion bleeding. Has anyone gotten pregnant while on birth control. My hubby and I were never really ...

Bleeding Before My Period Is Due, Dark Brown, Maybe Pregnant?

Oct 24, 2009 ... You could be pregnant and experiencing implantation bleeding. ... Depending on the type of birth control you were on, the hormones from them ...

Is There a Side Effect with Ortho Evra That Can Cause Pregnancy to Take Longer?

It took me awhile to get pregnant after using Ortho Tri Cyclen Low. I have never used Ortho Evra but, my doctor told me that on any birth control it could ...

Birth Control and Nursing

Nursing is never a good form of birth control. I have heard of far too many people getting pregnant while nursing. Once your baby starts sleeping through ...

Mini-pill Birth Control

Oct 29, 2009 ... I'd consider using additional birth control if you don't want to get pregnant again soon. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report ...

Twins Soon After Discontinuing Birth Control?

SO I found out on Valentines Day that I am pregnant.Have any of you heard that if you get pregnant during your first ovulation after you stop birth control ...

When to Start Birth Control Pills

obviously....your doctor prescribed your birth control pills for you. ... You can still get pregnant even if your periods are not regular. ...

Micronor Birth Control Pill

Do any of you take the Micronor (progestin only) birth control pill? I am thinking about switching to it (I .... pregnant birth control · control pregnancy ...
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