birth control and nursing

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Long Lasting Period After Birth and Nursing

After I finished nursing my first child my period came the very next month and was totally normal. I was taking birth control pills at the time. ...

Micronor Birth Control Pill

I, too, took it while nursing, then for another 5 months before we started trying again, ... Still Nursing 12-Month Old, Birth Control Pill Safe? ...

Good Birth Control Pill

Apr 26, 2009 ... There is a new implantable birth control that is like Norplant. ... Next question: What Birth Control Should I Use While Nursing ...

Getting Pregnant While Breastfeeding

So don't believe that you can't get pregnant while nursing or without getting your period back .... For many women breastfeeding is a natural birth control. ...

While Breastfeeding Could I Be Pregnant??

I know I was actually on some type of birth control (a little different than the normal one) while my daughter was nursing. Although it's not as likely, ...

Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding?

YES! I was nursing my 10 month old and got pregnant! 9 months later I had a baby girl. Breastfeeding is not birth control! Helpful? ...

Periods/Pregnancy While Breastfeeding

I was told that nursing was 92% effective to use as birth control for the first 6 mos as long as you are exclusively breastfeeding, not pumping or ...

Pregnancy Symptoms While Breast Feeding

I became pregnant while nursing. BF is not birth control, so it is very possible you can get pregnant. Your milk will also taste different, so if you are, ...

Natural Birth Control???

I am nursing our four month old son so I don't know WHEN I will get a cycle. .... It has everything you need to know about natural birth control. ...

Birth Control Causing Weight Gain

If that comes back clear, it could be the birth control. Doctors put nursing women on this kind of BC because they consider it safe for the nursing baby. ...
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