birth control and no weight gain

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Birth Control

Is anyone or has anyone taken one of those birth control that let you have .... I've had no weight gain or anything like that. I've been extremely pleased. ...

Twins Soon After Discontinuing Birth Control?

Weight gain right now does not necessarily mean twins either. .... I have no Idea if you can have twins after discontinuing birth control but I do know that ...

Breastfeeding and Birth Control

Plus there is no weight gain side effects. Also, it works for 5 years! ... Mirena...worry free birth control, and very little side effect. It works for me. ...

Has Anyone Taken the Depo Shot and Gained Weight???

Read all 13 responses: "i want some advice on other birth control, i am on the depo shot ... BUT I LIKE THE NO WEIGHT GAIN PART. so i am going to try it. ...

Birth Control

Read all 11 responses: "I am planning on switching birth control methods. ... Weight gain was not an issue for me. When I bruoght this up with my OB/GYN he ...

Birth Control

But up to this point, I haven't had much weight gain from the IUD (I had way more from the ... Next question: Birth Control. Iud's Compared to Depro and Yas ...

Birth Control

Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ... I know weight gain could be a side effect to any birth control pill but the reason I chose this one is ...

Weight Gain W/ Mirena

Ever since, I feel like I have continued to gain weight and it is a lot harder ... I am not able to have ANY hormone delivery birth control it ...

Mini-pill Birth Control

Oct 29, 2009 ... (or really any type of hormone birth control -- I always feel like I am not myself .... No weight gain or other side effects since. Helpful? ...

IUD Stories?

I do not have abnormal bleeding, extra weight gain or headaches. ... It is the best birth control I have ever used. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ...
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