birth control and my period

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Birth Control

The only side effect I even have is the first day of my period I do bleed alot ..... I have been looking for a different form of birth control too until my ...

Birth Control

I love this product because I usually don't think about birth control and there are no side effects for me. I don't spot or have my period last more than a ...

Mirena Birth Control

Very fertile, but since i have been on this birth control since 2005 i havent gotten pregnant like i have on other birth control. I havent had my period ...

NEED HELP Finding Good Birth Control!!!

I stopped having my period also. It's so nice to have such an effective form of birth control that you never have to think about. ...

Extreme Fatigue the Week Prior to My Period

I am the EXACT same way a week, sometimes 9 days, before my period!! It always makes me wonder if I'm pregnant!! I was on the birth control so I tried ...

Birth Control

Currently I am on the birth control and because my period had become highly irregular and after much testing for thyroid or hormonal issues, ...

When to Start Birth Control Pills

When to Start Birth Control Pills. Hi Moms - I have a 7 month old daughter that I nursed until 5 months. I have only gotten my period twice. ...

Seeking Advice About the MIRENA Birth Control - M. A

I can't take birth control. My fiance loves the fact that we can't get prego for a ... Unfortunately, I am not one of those people where my period is MIA. ...

Mini-pill Birth Control

Oct 29, 2009 ... (or really any type of hormone birth control -- I always feel like I .... The pill worked, but there were months that I got my period twice ...

Could I Be Allergic to My Birth Control?

Oct 21, 2009 ... The only time the itching seems to calm is the week of my period when I'm taking the green pills from the birth control. ...
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  • allergic to your birth control in 2 answers "yes you can be allergic to your birth control or at least the hormones in them."
  • took the mini pill in 2 answers "... the pill, it is the breastfeeding that makes you irregular. I took the mini pill ..."
  • being on the mini pill in 2 answers "I have definitely gained weight since being on the mini pill, but I wouldn't say it's ..."
  • nuva ring in 4 answers "i use the nuva ring i love it once a month you put it in adn take a week off its easy ..."
  • experienced similar symptoms in 2 answers "D., I experienced similar symptoms, but strangely when I was on Jenny Craig the symptoms ..."