birth control and milk supply

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New Mom !! Needing Advice on Birth Control Methods.!!!!

We used a progesterone-only birth control pill. It was suggested because it doesn't inhibit your milk supply if you are nursing. The only snag is that you ...

Help with Birth Control

Just tell your doctor that you're breastfeeding and he will put you on a progesterone-only birth control pill. I took it and it didn't effect my milk supply ...

Has Anyone Taken Fenugreek Pills to Increase Your Milk Supply?

Read all 30 responses: "Hi Moms, I am concerned about my milk supply dwindling now that I ... keep yourself moist ...don't take any birth control pills. ...

Need Help from Moms Who Used Fenugreek to Increase Milk Supply

Did you breast-feed your other children-did you have an adequate supply with them? Birth control pills, even the low dose do often decrease milk supply. ...

Birth Control and Nursing

Most normal birth control pills will at least slightly reduce your milk supply. It doesn't at all hurt the baby though if you are taking a regular pill and ...

Not Producing Enough Breast Milk, Going Bald, and Could I Be Preg. Again?

I think its natures way of providing birth control for you :) just don't count on it ... Best thing to increase your milk supply is to nurse more. ...

Milk Production

Hormonal birth control pills can also effect your supply(yes, ... BTW Reglan does help milk supply but has the side effect of depression for some women. ...

Birth Control While Breast Feeding

Read all 11 responses: "What types of birth control have breast feeding mothers used and what if any side ... Breast Milk Supply & Production · Pumped Milk ...

Breast Feeding and Birth Control

It is recommended to wait until your 6 week checkup before using birth control. You really want to establish a good milk supply before adding hormones into ...

Birth Control Pills While Breast Feeding

I was just advised not to take a birth control pill that has estrogen in it because that can cause your milk supply to decrease. ...
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