birth control and its side effects

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Side Effects from Changing Birth Control Pills?

It's great, but that can't be good for me, right? 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ... giving birth video · side effects of birth control ...

Side Effects or Problems After Mirena Removal.

Nov 2, 2009 ... I want to tell her I think it's the Mirena, but she's convinced it's great. .... birth control side effects · cancer chemotherapy ...

Seeking the Perfect Birth control...low Dose Pill?

But I'm not liking the side effects lately, I have no sex drive at all and I think it's caused by the pill. ... Next question: Birth Control Pills Options ...

Anybody Taking Errin or Micronor Birth Control Pills?

... as many as 1 in 20 women get pregnant on it.(yikes!)I am breastfeeding so its all i can..." ... effective birth control · side effects of birth control ...

Loestin Birth Control Side Effects...?

Loestin Birth Control Side Effects...? For maybe the last four months, ... It's actually a drop in progesterone before the onset of your period. ...

Birth Control

Read all 18 responses: "When is the best time to start birth control. ... However, the pill case start you off on a Sunday so its easy to follow and I .... is really something wrong with me or side effects or those drugs, or anything. ...

Birth Control Options - IUD Vs. Depo?

It's like an IUD that works until you take it out, but you can leave it in forever and have no more ... I don't know about the IUD, but I've heard bad stories of side effects from Depo. .... What Is the Best Form of Birth Control? ...

Birth Control Pill

Read all 6 responses: "I was just put on YAZ birth control pills. Can anyone tell me what kind of side effects, if any, they have had?

What Birth Control Do You Suggest? Anyone Used Mirena?

Tell me what your experiences with birth control have been. Does it just take a while to ..... Next question: Information on 'Mirena' and Its Side Effects. ...
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  • first sunday after your period in 2 answers "From what I've been told the first Sunday after your period is the Old School way ..."
  • birth control pills in 3 answers "I could not take birth control pills due to high blood pressuref and the iud was my ..."
  • dont think it really matters in 2 answers "I don't think it really matters what day you start it on."
  • nuva ring in 6 answers "I have taken Depo, the pill (almost all of them), Nuva Ring, and have found none that ..."
  • used the depo shot in 2 answers "I used the Depo shot years ago and had problems with it making me so dry that it hurt ..."