birth control and depression

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Side Effects or Problems After Mirena Removal.

Nov 2, 2009 ... I am just hoping that after I get it removed, my depression, .... I think I might go back to old fashioned birth control pills or get my ...

Birth Control Pill

Read all 6 responses: "I was just put on YAZ birth control pills. ... It has helped with some mild depression that was plaguing me. ...

Birth Control Advice

My OB/GYN gave me a prescription for Micronor birth control pills--he ... It also caused mood swings/depression symptoms. Everyone is different, though. ...

Birth Control Pill

You could be suffering from post-partum depression. I suppose it could also be the result ... Anyone Else Have Bad Experience with YAZ Birth Control Pill? ...

Birth Control Question

I am wondering if there are any other benefits to birth control other than .... I also suffered from symptoms of clinical depression when I got off the pill ...

Postpartum Anxiety/ Panic Attacks? Postpartum Depression?

The feeling of being out of control was so overwhelming. We were thrilled with the birth of our beautiful son and I couldn't understand why I was so scared ...

Birth Control

The last OB-GYN that I went to tried to sell me on every birth control method out .... weight gain, depression, etc) and the best pills for that problem. ...

Seasonal Birth Control?

In the past I have repsonded very well to birth control and I seem to think I .... Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Fatigue, Headaches, Depression, Mood Swings, ...

Birth Control Pills

Since this is your first time on birth control pils AND the doctor didn't ... The reason I bring this up is that depression is one of them and the doctors ...

Mirena Birth Control

I like not having to think about birth control and the fact that it is ..... Although I can't be sure it's the Mirena, I have experienced depression and ...
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