birth control and being pregnant

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Birth Control

G.E. asks from Houston

Hey everyone im looking for any advice you can give me on a birth control pill called Loestrin24fe. I dont need it to prevent pregnancy weve got that covered already...


Birth Control and Getting Pregnant....

R.G. asks from Albany

history- I am a single mum, I am 28.5 years old,getting married in April, and we want to start planning for a baby in a years time. My daughter is 11, and desperatel...


Getting Pregnant Right After Birth Control

L.C. asks from Dallas

Hello mommies!!! What is the probability of having a miscarriage if you get pregnant the month after you stop taking your birth control?


Birth Control

T.L. asks from Cincinnati

Is anyone or has anyone taken one of those birth control that let you have a period every three or four months? How was it?


Birth Control Side Affects?

E.H. asks from Provo

I've heard from multiple sources that birth control really messes up your fertility cycle and makes it much more difficult to pregnant once off the pill. Any advice o...


Getting off Birth Control

C.C. asks from Dallas

I was wondering what the reasoning is behind some people saying you should wait several months to start trying for a baby after you've been on birth control? Would i...


I Am Currently on Birth Control.....

M.C. asks from Kansas City

I am currently on birth control. Recently, I have not been feeling well. As I explained my symptoms to a friend, she mentioned that I might be pregnant. My questio...


Birth Control

K.M. asks from Los Angeles

My husband and I are pretty sure we are done with children after the birth of our next baby this summer, but I hesitate to make a "permanent" decision for either myse...

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