birth control and being pregnant

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Horrible Nausea & Breast Tenderness - Not Pregnant

I finally decided it was my birth control pills. (I had stopped taking them.) I think my body thought it was pregnant. After several weeks of being off I'm ...

Birth Control. Iud's Compared to Depro and Yas

Its what kept me from being pregnant the longest and feel the best. And I'm one who could trip and become pregnant. And I react really bad to birth control. ...

Birth Control

Apr 26, 2009 ... I do not like to take the birth control pill, not a big fan of ... but being aware of my cycles helped us to get pregnant right away when we ...

Getting Pregnant

As for not being pregnant yet, it is still early. ... 30 + only have to wait 6 months w/o birth if you don't get pg between now and then, ...

Baby Fever

Also, speaking from experience, I loved being pregnant with my first and never had a .... I was the same way as you and I did stop takeing birth control. ...

Periods/Pregnancy While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is NOT a form of birth control. I got pregnant when my daughter was ... The nice thing about being pregnant and breastfeeding is that I had NO ...

Birth Control While Also Taking Antibiotics!

YES, you CAN get pregnant!!! Your doc should have asked you if you were on birth control before giving you the prescrip. I am also on Augmentin and my doc ...

Getting Pregnant for the 2Nd Time

I went on birth control for a month, then I skipped a month and went back on it. I didn't think I could get pregnant, so I wasn't very good at taking it ...

Can You Really Get Pregnant 2 Weeks After Stopping the Pill?

Go off the birth control if you want to conceive, and just let it happen. ... and get pregnant later, please think about what you want...being pregnant, ...

Could I Be Pregnant?

I am not pregnant but I do have the symptoms of being pregnant. The doctor said that my birth control is what is causing me to have all the symptoms and not ...
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