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Birth Control for a Teenager

Talk to her about the risks and side effects of BC and tell her if she ..... I would not put her on birth control right away, only after talking to her ...

Headache Question...

I had my youngest son about 9 months ago - after he was born, I started on birth control (the pill). I have never been on birth control before this. ...

Side Effects to Depo-Provera??

I did the Depo at one point in time without any side effects that I can remember but I wasn't on ... side effects of birth control · pregnancy side effects ...

Can Your Birth Control Pills Make You Sick???

I would doubt that you are pregnant after giving birth only 7 weeks ago, ... Whenever i have been off of birth control pills for a while, I have to make ...

Pulmicort Side Effects

L. my son took Pulimicort for 2 years and he had no side effects at all. He still grew. .... birth control side effects · hospital medicine ...

Do Birth Control Pills Really Make It Harder to Lose Weight?

Do Birth Control Pills Really Make It Harder to Lose Weight? Hi Moms, After having my 2nd baby I have been finding it SO hard to lose that extra weight. ...

Experiences with YAZ

Read all 9 responses: "Can anyone share their experiences with the birth control Yaz along with timelines as to when your side effects happened.

After Nuvaring No Period and Now About to Try Metformin

Read all 8 responses: "I was on birth control pills for probably about a year, ... it makes me feel since I have heard about the side-effects (diarrhea, nausea , etc. ... I was also not have regular cycles after I went off birthcontrol. ...

Anyone Have Experience W/ Iud's?

As a nurse practitioner, any birth control method is not going to be the same ..... I do once in a while have some blood in the "after effects" of sex but ...

Wondering About Iuds

But I have 0 side effects and I forget it is even in there. Helpful? ... The IUD is no more like a "mini abortion" than the birth control pill. ...
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