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Talking to Children About Race

We knew that we would need to talk to our children about being biracial, ..... Ideas for Helping Adopted African American Baby Find Role Models ...


There is a pretty broad range of texture you can have with bi-racial hair. ... Ok so I'm not bi-racial or anything but I do have long thick coarse hair. ...

I Would like Info on Sickel Cell Trait

You need to talk to your doctor, there are test that they can run as soon as the baby is born to find out if the baby has it. My daughter is bi-racial and ...

Transracial Adoption

We have 2 adopted children, one caucasion and the other bi-racial ..... Next question: Ideas for Helping Adopted African American Baby Find Role Models ...

Curly Hair

Sep 28, 2009 ... Paul Mitchell makes the best baby hair care products and will help keep ... check it outi initially purchased the product for my biracial ...

Baby Modeling

Read all 6 responses: "Hi - I'm looking for advice on baby modeling. ... Biracial children with different mixes are really popular now days. Helpful? ...

Seeking Advice About Adoption

They do African American, Biracial and some domestic special needs and ... on the baby and even testing that we knew they were a quality organization. ...

Dry Hair

Which i'm a big fan of olive oil when it comes to my baby . ... It smells good and has made a real difference in his hair (he is bi-racial white/black). ...

Any Experience with Adopting a Child?

Oct 19, 2009 ... Our oldest son came as a 15 mo old foster babycute as could be We ... this family She is biracial her features are a bit different but she ...

School Is Asking for My Child's Race

She's not biracial in my eyes but tri-racial. I'm sure they don't have a option for ... Ideas for Helping Adopted African American Baby Find Role Models ...
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