bipolar insomnia

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SEVERE Post Partum Insomnia Help

E.G. asks from Washington DC

I had my son almost 3 years ago and right after he was born I had extreme insomnia to the point where I would get 3 hours of sleep on my good nights and 0-2 hours mos...


Seeking Other Moms with Adult Children That Have Bipolar

T.J. asks from Beaumont

I have a 22 year old son with Bipolar. He refuses to accept that and also refuses to take the medication prescribed. Any advice. It is truly exhausting and heart w...


Experience with Bi-Polar Disorder?

V.T. asks from Fresno

Hi, I've just been diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder. Anybody out there had any experience in this area. Any advice would be appreciated. For instance; when should ...


Seeking Parents of Children/teens with Bipolar Disorder

M.C. asks from Sherman

Hello I am looking for parents that have a child/children or know someone that is Bipolar.My 15 year old was just recently(last week) diagnosed as being Biploar.I am ...


Advise on Childhood Bi-polar

L.D. asks from Detroit

Is anyone dealing with childhood bi-polar/adhd? Our 7 yr old son can be the sweetest kid and turn into a raging monster at the drop of a hat. He's currently trying ...


Seeking Moms Who Have a Dificult Teenager in the Modesto Area

C.T. asks from Modesto

I am looking for advice from a mom or moms that are dealing with a teenager that has been diagnosed with being bi-polar, she is also using drugs and drinking as a wa...


World Turned Upside down After Hysterectomy Help....

A.A. asks from Tulsa

ok i will try to keep it short but its alot to explain. i am 26 y/o and had a mass in my stomach had it removed found out i had endometriosis and that was why i was i...


PTSD - Sharing the Learning Curves

S.B. asks from Seattle

Do you have PTSD? I do. What's something that works for you when you have an episode (or just an anniversary) and still have to be the mom? Is there anything in pa...


Seeking Advice on Antidepressant Medication

S.D. asks from Topeka

I would like information on what type of Antidepressant's women are taking right now and how it is benefiting them.I have struggled most of my life with Bipolar and ...


Can't Sleep...

H.D. asks from Lafayette

I don't know what is wrong with me...but for the past few WEEKS - I can't sleep. It's not your normal "I'm too tired to sleep" it's like my body refuses to slow down...

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