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Looking for Help with Bipolar Disorder - and Can You Be Insured Again?

Read all 4 responses: "Hi:) I suspect that my husband may be suffering with " soft" bipolar disorder, where the mania manifests more as irritability and ...

Daughter ADHD with Mood Disorder

Hello, I have a 9 yr old ADD/Bipolar Disorder boy I am fostering asnd going to adopt from ... Next question: Seeking Moms' Advice on Adhd/bipolar Disorder ...

Lamictal for Teens W/ Mood Swings... Possibly Bi-polar?

If your daughter is Bipolar 1 they always give Lithium. She won't get it if she is Bipolar 2. ... The standard treatment for Bipolar disorder is Lithium. ...

Problems with the School System and Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, and Brain Injury

Read all 11 responses: "Im looking for mom's who are struggling with the school system with their children who suffer from these or any other disorder or ...

Seeking Dialogue with Other Mothers of Bipolar Children: Coping/misdiagnosed

I have an eleven year old daughter diagnosed with bipolar disorder. ... The psychologist told them they both had Bipolar Disorder which is so NOT true, ...

My 9 Year Old Daughter Needs Help.

Bipolar disorder runs rampant through my family and your description of your daughter's behavior does not sound like bipolar disorder. ...

Bi Polar and Pregnancy

Jul 7, 2009 ... Does anyone have any advice of medications that are safe for bipolar disorder and pregnancy? Thanks!!! K. Respond to Question ...

I Need Some Much Needed Advice...

12...don't think it's bipolar. Bipolar disorder involves manic phase then switching to depressive. This sounds more like an anger issue. Being at her age, ...

Temporary Babysitter Is Bipolar

Hey G., well all I have to say is that bipolar disorder is a very serious mental illness. ... Help Understanding Bipolar Disorder in My 10 Year Old Son. ...

Advice on Dealing with Bipolar

I'm not sure what to do about your son b/c they suspect my 9yo has bipolar/anger disorder but they don't want to medicate him untill he's at least 12. ...
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  • feel free to email in 2 answers "... it got to the point that that really was not helping. Feel free to email ..."
  • anger management in 2 answers "One of my spouses friends kids has a very rare anger management issue dealing with ..."
  • hormonal changes in 2 answers "... of behavior is fairly normal for her age as she goes through hormonal changes."
  • bipolar disorder in 2 answers "The standard treatment for Bipolar disorder is Lithium."
  • bipolar disorder in 2 answers "I agree with the other responder on it probably not being bipolar disorder."