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Does Exercise Really Give You More Energy and Improve Mood?

So I enjoy doing the Windsor Pilates and also for a great cardio workout, Billy Blanks Taebo. Hope this helps. M. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ...

Any Helpful Cardio Videos That Worked for You?

C.H. asks from New York

Hi ladies, I've been recently anxious. I'm a bit overweight, but I'm looking for a cardio video that will help me to relieve some stress. I used to do Billy banks (I...


Any Advice for a Busy Mom Trying to Loose a Lot of Weight, for Health Reasons

Q.M. asks from Philadelphia

I've been to my doctor cause I have a pinched nerve in my back and its causing pain in other areas of my body. They can't do anything about it or give medication due...


Fitness Ideas Anyone

B.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi - I had my second child 6 months ago and it seems like NONE of the weight has come off! In fact, I think I gained about 5 pounds! Anyway, I joined a gym but I am s...


Need Help Staying Motivated to Work Out

R.Y. asks from Norfolk

I've been trying to lose weight for a while now and I keep coming across the same problem. I will be going strong for the first couple of weeks and then I just fall ...


Weight Loss Before Kideny Donation

L.M. asks from Chicago

Hello fellow moms, Im seeking any input on shedding some pounds. My husband has Lupus and is on diaylsis.He needs a kidney transplant long story short im a match. I...


Looking for a Good Boxing/kickboxing Workout Dvd

K.H. asks from Chicago

Hi, Does anyone know of any good boxing or kickboxing workout dvds? I am particularly looking for one to work out on a free standing heavy bag. Or does anyone have ...


Looking for a Fun Exercise-dance Video to Do at Home

B.C. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms, I am looking for suggestions for a DVD. I am looking for something that I can do with my kids when everyone needs to let off some steam and have fun. I wo...


Best Exercise DVD

K.H. asks from Kansas City

Well, I'm trying to get in better shape for the summer season. I'm unable to do the gym thing so I'm doing the best I can from home. I'm doing the Crunch Fat Burnin...


Seeking Good Workout Video...

K.B. asks from Grand Rapids

I have roughly about 1-2 hours during the day that are all mine which occurs when both of my boys are napping at the same time. Typically I go online at that time. ...

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