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Cable, Phone, Internet

I have been going through Roadrunner/Time Warner for the cable, phone, & internet so that I have all the services on one bill. I'm having some issues with ...

1St Year Property Tax on New construction-Land Value Vs. Full Taxes-Kendall Cnty

Read all 5 responses: "We just received our first property tax bill from Kendall County ... Sorry for the tax bill shock...opening those bills is never fun! ...

Question for You Wise Sahmommas

Oct 16, 2009 ... I save at least $100 a month in my grocery bills just from using the store's savings card and coupons. I shop Kroger because I get $0.10 off ...

Average Cost of Delivery...?

Most hospitals will work with anyone that is willing to pay their bills. ... They understand that even if they bill you, you're going to submit it to your ...

What $ Amount Is Reasonable to Request for Car Accident Settlement?

Whatever you medical bills amount to your payment should be a third of what you are asking. So say your medical bills were 3grand you should get 9 grand. ...

How Do You Organize Your Paperwork?

Read all 14 responses: "I am just curious how others organize their paperwork. It seems like all of our mail and bills are taking over our home.

Need Financial Assistance Paying Hospital Co-pay

I paid $50 a month, they even sent a bill every month. ... Next question: Need Insight Regarding Medical Bill. ... Need Legal Advice on Hospital Bills ...

Any Had Window Tinting or Solar Screens on Their House?

We have average bill pay so I didn't see any bill difference, .... I don't know that it saved too much on our bills, but it did save some. ...

Radiant Barrer: Is It Worth It?

Has anyone had this installed, and does it really help with energy bills? ... I have heard that they do lower summer ac bills dramatically. ...

Has Anyone Given Birth at Arlington Memorial Hospital Within the Last Year?

I would just go and have your baby then let them bill you.Good-luck and congrats . .... Unexpected Bills from the Hospital After Giving Birth ...
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  • window tint in 4 answers "Hi L.~ We have not put solar screens or window tint up as our windows do not face ..."
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