bilirubin jaundice

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Mom's with Negative Blood and Dad's with Positive blood-Rhogam

(My two little brothers had to stay in the hospital a few days to sit under the bilirubin lights) I've heard that jaundice and differing blood types between ...

Preemie Allowed to Be Taken for Walk in Stroller?

Early morning sunshine does wonders to help with their bilirubin count and prevent a lapse back into jaundice. Also, if a neighbor approaches, you have all ...

Advice on Well Baby Does If Deliveried as Soon as 32 Weeks Old????

Both needed to gain weight, learn how to suck/eat, get rid of jaundice and they could come home. ... Her main issues were bilirubin and temperature. ...

Never Had a Problem with Diaper rash...until Now

His butt got raw because he became very jaundiced and we were having to force feed him every two hours around the clock until his bilirubin came down. ...

What Are Standard Requests from a Grandparent??

After I told my daughter that the baby looked jaundiced and that she should open ... because of the high bilirubin count and put under the lights for a day. ...


C.G. asks from Bakersfield

My grandson has jaundice and his levels are at 15 does anyone know how this effects babies...


Jaundice in Newborn

H.B. asks from Portland

The doctor just re-admitted my 4 day old daughter to the hospital because of Jaundice. She wasn't eating and very lethargic. Her bilirubin level was at 18 when they...


Duration of Jaundice

L.M. asks from Los Angeles

My son had very high levels of billiruben a few days after being born. He spent a couple of days under bili-lights in the hospital. He is doing better now. However...


Prolonged Jaundice

H.P. asks from Orlando

Hello! Has anyone dealt with prolonged jaundice with a newborn. My son is 4 weeks old & still has it. They have run a battery of tests. As of yesterday, his level...


Koombs + and Jaundice

N.W. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 10 day old baby girl that is jaundice and koombs positive. She has been under phototherapy for 2 days and her billirubin results dropped. Her billirubin wa...

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