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Laser Hair Removal for Bikini Area

M.M. asks from Dallas

Has anyone had a successful laser hair removal experience in the bikini area? If so, where? I've had friends try laser hair removal and none of them have had positi...


Laser Hair Removal

A.M. asks from Dallas

I have read some of the past posts about Laser Hair, but wanted some more recent. I am looking into getting laser hair removal, but need to find a place. If you hav...


Laser Hair Removal.

S.L. asks from Dallas

I am dying to find out whether this is true. Once you have laser hair removal in your underarm area, would the hair never grow back? Does anybody has a great experien...


Advice on 12 Year-old Shaving Hairy Thighs....

J.R. asks from Boston

My 12 year old daughter has been shaving her legs now for probably over a year. She has very "hairy" legs, although not "black" hair, she is lucky in that respect. Th...


Discussing Hair Removal with Tween

H.P. asks from Los Angeles

Thank you all for your responses, but I no longer need additional comments on "my request",so, I deleted it. Unfortunately there is no way to entirely delete this, bu...

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