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Advice on Buying Train Set

M.S. asks from San Francisco

Anyone have advice about buying a train set for my son? I'm thinking about buying a Brio set on craigslist but not 100% sure of what I'm looking for. Not sure about b...


What Do Your Toddlers Want from Santa???

M.P. asks from Chicago

I know it's early but my family starts asking for my kids' Christmas ideas before Halloween even comes and I always seem to be stumped for ideas. I have a 3 1/2 and ...


I Have3 Years Old Daughter Who Does Not Communicate with Her Teacher

T.F. asks from Dallas

I have 3 yrs old daughter who has started her new school and she is in kg. She did not go to nusery before i tought her the reuqire info at home. But now she started ...


At What Age Does the Thomas the Train Obsession End?

E.M. asks from Chicago

My 4-1/2 yr. old son has been into Thomas the Train for about 2 yrs. I thought his interest would start to taper by now, but it hasn't. I swear, he eats, sleeps and e...


Thomas the Train VS. Geo Trax

S.M. asks from St. Louis

My sons second birthday is coming up very soon. He LOVES trains. We had orginally decided to go with the Geo Trax trains because he has better luck hooking them toge...



L.J. asks from Charleston

My son is 2 years 10 months. He had tubes in both ears in December. He has caught up on vocabulary words and can put a four word sentence together, however, there are...


Teaching a 3 Year Old His Letters

N.K. asks from Nashville

Any suggestions on the best way to teach a three year old the letters of the alphabet? We have tried flash cards, dry erase boards and "bathtub" sticky letters, but t...


Entertaining an Active 1 Year Old on Long Plane Ride

M.P. asks from San Francisco

Hi~ this month we will be flying to NY and so have a couple very long plane rides ahead of us. Our son is 13 months old and, of course, loves to move around, check ...


My Dog Is Dying.

C.D. asks from Austin

Took my 7 year old german shepherd to the vet last week because she has been acting different and stopped eating. Found out she has lymphoma, and has to be put down. ...


2 Year Old Daughter Interested in Really Learning Her Letters, Help With

E.F. asks from Chattanooga

HI! I am a mom of a 6 year old who is reading great for being in first grade, but my 2 year old who looks up to her brother and wants to do what he is doing all the t...

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