big red soda stain on carpet

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Dry-erase Marker Nightmare!!!!

My son drew on the carpet and walls with PERMANENT marker, I was so happy that it removed ... As a teacher, I get a lot of pen, marker, and pencil stains. ... Try a paste of baking soda & water. You'd be surprised what this combo can do. .... My son did the same thing with a permanent red marker, same age too. ...

Getting Rid of Hard Water Rings in Toilets

It is very strong stuff (do not breath in the fumes)and will eat through carpet if it spills on it. ... The only way I can describe this sand paper is it is red with big holes like ... Vinegar & baking soda combine make afizzing scour pad. ... That Kaboom cleaner works really well at getting stains out before you ...

Saltillo Tile Floors

The house is 0% carpet. Two of the bedrooms are painted concrete..." ... is those big red tiles that are not even, saltillo tiles they are called. ... used for a floor/dirt/stains that does need a "a little elbow grease" because it just goes right over. ..... I have been using baking soda on my tiles in my home. ...

Melted Crayons in Wash!

I had a red crayon get ALL OVER a load of laundry and my dryer - found it as the clothes ... There are 2 products that will clean anything including wax out of carpet. ... our clothes with a mixture of laundry detergent, borax and baking soda in the wash. .... Next question: Stains from Crayons/ Blue Ink in Laundry ...

How Do I Make My White's WHITE Again?

Sep 2, 2009 ... Ive had success with adding 1 cup of Baking Soda to the wash along ... I take a big pan and fill it with water and then drop in a Tide stain ...

How Do You Get Ball Point Pen off of Linoleum?

Pour a nickel sized portion of baking soda over the pen mark (or enough ... on in minutes it works right out of fabric, carpet and off any surface. .... Try Goof Off. Not the kind in the big bottle at the grocery, .... M. try using hairspray, to remove the stain. or rubbing alcohol. its worth a try good luck rose ...

Help! Horrible Dirty Walls!!! :-)

Your 5 year old is big enough to understand about not writing on walls and the 2 ... Be sure to prime the walls so that the stains won't bleed thru the new paint . ..... Then you have to clean the baking soda off of your walls, but it got the crayon off. ... how to get red lipstick out of carpet · best flat iron ...

Cat Urine Smell!

Simple Solution, Nature's Miracle, Complete Pet Stain and Odor Remover by 8in1 ... For the smell of urine try throwing alot of baking soda under the trailer. .... You can get Lime, the powdered kind comes in big bags at your local farmer's grain. ... Does Anyone Know How to Get the Smell of Cat Urine Out of Carpet? ...

How Do I Clean Highlighter Writing from Wall

Then I tried baking soda and still nothing. Does anybody know what else I can use? ... Try GERM-X. It took red sharpie off of a desk and wall! ... Rubbing alcohol is usually effective for removing highlighter stains. .... My son colored on our carpet with highlighter and rubbing alcohol removed it right away . ...

Itchy Diaper Rash

The baking soda can also go in her bath. It is cheaper and as effective as ... Be careful as it stains everything. You can get it at Wal MArt and it is .... Both my kids would get these horrible red, open sores on their butts sometimes. .... It will dye the carpet or the furniture if you spill it so if you decide ...
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